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Frequently Asked Deck Questions - FAQs

Here's what smart customers like you from all over the US are asking about our deck products and deck paints.

Can I use Deck Flex coatings to renew an existing wood or concrete surface?

Yes. Our premium deck coatings have strong adhesion properties that will work on a variety of surfaces. With that said, if the underlying existing surface is peeling, bubbling or leaking, no product can guarantee results unfortunately. To get the best results, make sure the existing surface is prepped by removing loose debris, power-washed clean and apply coatings when completely dry. If you need professional fire-rated deck waterproofing options, check out our Deck Flex waterproofing systems.

Do I need to use a primer first before applying Deck Flex products?

Not necessarily! With our premium deck coatings, primer is optional but this will always depend on the surface. As previously mentioned, at a minimum we recommend any new or existing surface to be prepared, power-washed clean and completely dry before applying any coatings.

How do your products compare to other bigger name brands?

We sell premium, long-lasting products that have been tested by professionals in the field for over 20 years. It is not uncommon to find surfaces protected by Deck Flex products that have lasted 10 years or more. 

Can I make my Deck Flex coating surface non-skid?

Yes! Contact us directly by email at to add non-skid additives to your order.

Are Deck Flex products available in stores?

We only sell select products direct online but we also have a physical presence in Huntington Beach, California if you want to visit us! At this time, Deck Flex products are not available in stores or from third-parties.

Can you ship to my state?

Most likely, yes! We ship anywhere within the United States. 

Still have questions? Send us an email (the more you share about the project, the better we can help and pictures of decks are helpful too):